July 28 2000

Today is my 26th birthday - I always wondered how life would turn out for me come the new milennium, would I have a job I liked?, would I be married? would I be rich and/or famous? would I be happy?. The answer to all of the above seems to be, 'weeeelll, not really no'.

I'm not suicidal or anything so drastic, after all i've got my health, friends, money and the prospect of better days, it's just that today is my birthday and so far it ain't been nuthin' special - in fact it's been rather dire.

Things began to look ominous last night when I realised that I hadn't arranged to do anything this evening which is not only my birthday but also a FRIDAY NIGHT!

Usually I can pull a couple of buddies out of the bag and arrange a hastily put together few beers BUT of all the days for them all to have alternative arrangements today was NOT the day. As a result I am destined to a night in front of badly scheduled TV with a microwave meal and a can of Red Stripe singing 'Happy Birthday to Me' with a tear in my eye.

To make matters worse this morning has not exactly filled me with much happiness. I decided to take the day off work (it is me birthday after all!) so I enjoyed a little lie in only to remember at 11.30 that as I hadn't driven to work that my car was in great danger of receiving a parking ticket. I rushed downstairs, bleary eyed in my dressing gown into the pouring rain only to find that I had been issued with one of Lambeth Council's finest £40 parking tickets 1/2 an hour beforehand.

I have since moved the car, noticing in the process that it has been vandalised AGAIN and the stereo is fucked following an aborted attempt to steal it last weekend.

Currently I am nursing a shaving wound so severe that I am surprised that I am still alive to write about it.

Well I'm off now, I'm driving 30 miles to see an old girlfriend of mine who has just returned from 3 years in Japan. I think i'll drive at 2mph just in case my luck continues and I end up as roadkill.

Still as D:REAM once opinied,

"Thinnnnggssss, can only get better!"