Suffered my first e2 based dream last night and it really gave me the creeps!

I don't know what the dream tells me about myself but it can't be anything good.

What happened was that I got home to notice that my XP had risen to 20,000 on the basis that a particular node of mine had been independently awarded some sort of special editors prize by 3 editors which somehow escalated my XP exponentially and changed my username to 'circuslioncubking'.

I then heard a knock on my door and was invited to meet with the editors at their hi-tech underground lair but not before the bearded gentleman who came to collect me informed me that in every noders home there had been placed a security camera with which your every move could be monitored (the effect of the UK's fixation with the 'Big Brother' TV series evidently playing its part).

This alarmed me to a degree, especially as I then discovered that our esteemed editors, as an offshoot of their e2 footage, were distributing videos of us noders who were lucky enough to have sex.

At first I refused to join the gang but unfortunately the power went to my head and I joined the 'gang' who were all wearing white coats and conducting experiments with soldering irons, speaking to noders through a voice distortion unit and bestowing their wisdom upon us mere mortals.

I was introduced to Nate, who was a very couteous chap with an underlying sinister disposition of which I later became aware as he liked to use his secret cameras to watch girls undress (sorry, it was only a dream).

It was then that I began to panick, realising that the node which had propelled me to such a level had been, to an extent, ripped off from a book I had read years before and I had failed to acknowledge my source. It was only a matter of time before this crime was going to be discovered and I feared that I would become part of the soldering iron experiment.

At this point I awoke in a cold sweat swearing never to node again.

Clearly I did not take the hint!