A curious day, leaving me wondering what's going on in my life. I've been away for a few days, chilling out in Newquay (surfing town in Cornwall, SW England) trying not to think about work and attempting to get a bit of a sun-tan to offset the pale/gray skin colour that endless months in an overly airconditioned office has bestowed on me.

Unfortunately the British summertime is grounded for bad behaviour and as a result I am probably looking worse than ever, having lived on a diet of beer, take-away food and more beer and take-away food for the last week coupled with the inadequate toilet facilities in my hotel leading to me going for a McShit once too often.

What's more and to pour salt into the wound I find myself an internet cafe to get a hit of e2 and notice that the good friend with whom I began my noding career has noded so heavily over the past week that I fear the friendly (yet with serious undertones) nature of our noding competition is all but lost as she races away with ching! after ching!

This morning is all a bit surreal, I have had various dreams of the most bizzare nature, woken up sweating and nervous and have acquired a strange tick in my left eye. I fear the consequences of 4 nights of 10 pint beer abuse have caught up with me.

I am also finding the fact that a best friend and former long term SO of mine is leaving the country for a year on Tuesday a little weird and keep wondering would my life have turned out better if we'd got married and had kids like she wanted. I know i'll miss her and don't really want her to go but that's another story.

Perhaps the most odd thing is that today is actually really sunny and the town is full of life and I'm choosing to spend my time shacked up in this little room telling you guys why I'm not enjoying myself when the world and his wife are having it large not 50 yards away.

My head is spinning, my brain is twitching like a man on too much coke and I feel like i'm dreaming. See ya when I wake up!