What a surprise, the sun was present for precisely one day only and today I am resigned to bemoaning the British weather, packing away my sunscreen for another year and deflating the paddling pool in the back garden.

Still, I managed to spend the morning constructively, pouring through the house accounts (I share a house with 4 others in London and we pay rent into a combined account) and discovering that the weird American divorcee who was inexplicably allowed to move in to the house against the wishes of the majority of tenants owes £1632 back rent!! THE BITCH HAS GOT TO GO!!

Not only does she 'forget' to pay rent but she also brought with her (without prior consent) two fucking annoying cats (I hate cats anyway) whom she allows to eat from OUR FUCKING PLATES.

I had to get out of the house for a while in case I was tempted to strangle her with the washing line that she 'accidentally' snapped in the back garden.

What's more, I recently discovered through a mutual friend (In fact the idiot who moved out of the house who recommended HER to move in!) that she still owes rent on her last place and to him, as well as receiving a phone call last week from her orthodontist angered at her lack of concern over the £200 bill she has neglected to pay for 6 months!

I wouldn't really give a shit if we as a household weren't jointly responsible for the house account.

Oh god, I'm starting to steam at the ears, I gotta go get a glass of water.