"And London Smells of Roasting Flesh!"

I awoke this morning to the most unfamiliar of sights, a blue, cloudless sky and a large beautifully bright disc of sun!

Obviously such an occasion warranted me forgoing my usual Saturday morning/afternoon slumber to 'attack the day'.

I donned my shorts, dusted off my sunspecs and made my way, along with every other inhabitant of London (so it would seem) to my local park (in my case Clapham Common). I am assured that across the length and breadth of olde London Town that commons, heaths, parks and any other blade of grass that may exist in the capital was being flattened with millions of lillywhite torso's.

The sight as I approached the common resembled the inside of an anglers bait tin as literally thousands of white bodies competed for space in much the same way as the maggots in the tin vy for breathing room.

As usual us Brits generally sneer at the very idea of sunscreen and considering the British Summertime is grounded for bad behaviour up to this point, today was to be no exception.

As white turned to pink, I swear I could smell the flesh searing - and it smelled like pork!.

The people on the common who were lucky enough to not be in possesion of caucasian frames could only lie back, smug in the knowledge that they would not go home both resembling, and feeling like, a lobster in a pot of boiling water.

Still, things are looking promising for those of you who plan to attend the e2 picnic in London next weekend - provided of course that the 3rd degree burns induced by todays sunfest have subsided!