My flatmate Tracey works in celebrity PR and she has done for many years. She claims to know everybody and enjoys letting you know it. In fact, a night in with her and one of her friends is much like spending an evening with Patsy and Eddy form Absolutely Fabulous - you literally have to duck to avoid the dropping names.

The minor interest I have in her 'knowledge' however is to acquire and spread little pieces of scandalous celebritry gossip that she swears is gospel. Whether or not they are true I honestlty couldn't say, but then again, the truth has never been a prerequisite of celebrity gossip now has it?


1) Tom Cruise is definitely gay (surprise, surprise I hear you cry!)

2) John Hannah (actor, played gay Scots guty in 4 weddings and who is very married) shagged Melanie sykes (UK model/TV presenter) in the toilets of trendy west-end watering hole Soho House.

3) William Hague (leader of the Uk opposition) is gay and his wife is paid to be by his side by the Conservative party.

4) Gary Lineker (UK soccer ledgend and all round Mr.Nice Guy) has embarked on numerous affairs during his supposedly blissful marriage.

5) Hugh Grant is gay (surprise surprise once more).

6) The All Saints Appelton sisters shared a 3 in a bed romp with Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher.

7) Kevin Keegan (good footballer/bad coach) fled the UK after quitting Newcastle UTD after it was feared that his penchant for sex with minors was to be revealed to the public (this is also apparently the reason for his baseball bat attack a few years back).

8) The transfer of Eric Cantona from Leeds UTD to Manchester United was hurried through after Leeds striker Lee Chapman hot wind of the Gallic midfield maestro's affair with his wife, TV star Leslie Ash (this is not that much of a secret given the popular soccer terrace chant of "He's French, he's flash, he's nobbing Leslie Ash")

I could go on but fear assasination.

Some of these I know to be true, some I don't want to believe are true, and some I simply don't believe.

ps:apologies to those outside the UK who may not be familiar with these celebs, i'll try to gather some scurrilous half truths for you in the future as we all like a bit of gossip. Go on admit it!