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Acronym for Service Switching Point. This is what a telecomunications switch is called in an SS7 network. All phone lines are attached to an SSP, which is also attached to the rest of the SS7 network via links to STPs. The SSP is the basic element of an SS7 network, without it the rest is useless, an SSP is the origination point for all phone calls and the activities that go with them. (CNAM, CLASS, E800, etc.) In contrast two SSPs could be linked to allow traffic between them, thus removing the need for STPs. Note however, that this would be horribly inefficient.
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Mirror the diagram along the vertical axis to get a VERY simple picture of how this works
°/\° == Telephone
                      ______      ______
°/\° ----------------|      |    |      |
                     |      |    |      |
°/\° ----------------|  SSP |----| STP  |----
                     |      |    |      |
°/\° ----------------|      |    |      |
                     |______|    |______|