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A nice big space in which to write my biography, nice. Well, I guess first thing is first: I am LS, short for Link Skywalker, a name I've used for all of the half a dozen years I've been online. I'm 19 years old, am passionate about learning in almost every subject, but my favorites are Computer Science, Philosophy, and English. Specifically, my English focus is creative writing, my Philosophy focus is ethics, and my Computer Science focus is the anything concerning the internet.

My hobbies are even broader than my academic interests. I play video games, tabletop role playing games, I read I write, I practice the martial arts. In fact, to save time, I would say that if you can classify something as geeky, nerdy, or dorky, then I probably enjoy doing it.

At the moment that I'm writing this, I find myself unemployed, though that's only because I quit my job of nearly four years a couple weeks ago. I didn't want to bother starting a job during the buildup to finals, so here I am.

For now I think I'll mostly just read the things others post, but I hope soon to contribute some writing of my own.