A comic book about what is possibly the world's worst superhero team. Written by Christopher J. Priest. Published by Acclaim.

As a result of exposure to a malfunctioning containment field, Quantum and Woody had their collective mass converted to energy and back, leaving them prone to shifting to an energy state and possibly losing corporeal integrity. Each wears a special wristband to monitor their energy output and reserves as well as to enhance their powers. The bands must be clanged together every 24 hours or they will both disintegrate.

As childhood friends who can never live more than half an hour away from each other, they work together. Unfortunately, their style conflicts cause almost as many problems as their enemies.

Quantum is a former Army tactical officer and martial artist. He thinks, he plans, he invents things, he uses subtlety. His costume is full of tiny technotoys.

Woody is a would-be rock star whose basic approach to detective work is hanging suspects out of windows. He carries a nine millimeter and a Zippo lighter.

They have a goat, or HAEDUS (Heavily Armored Espionage Deadly Uber-Sheep) named Vincent van Goat, who once ate a map and can travel between dimensions.

Quantum and Woody deals with themes of race, class, and political correctness, reversing the typical roles by making the straight man black and the irreverent goof-off white. The homosexual stereotyping associated with men in costumes is explored, with Woody repeatedly saying "We're not a couple."