Well, it's been a year since all this crap started.

I'm back in court, and things are not going well. I will be starting trial in the next few days. Jury selection starts in the morning, and the nightmare has already begun.

I did not get a new judge. The judge from last time is the only judge willing to preside over this case, so he's the one who has it. I would have gotten a new judge if it were only myself and my previous codefendant on trial, but unfortunately, we have been joined by a third codefendant.

This third codefendant comes from the other trial group, two of whom plead out in the last few days. She was not a bystander. She is charged with about 8 offenses, including conspiracy to riot, which means the conspiracy evidence is going to come in again, which means in turn that the trial is going to be about 3 times as long as if she weren't joining us. Original projections were for a 2-3 day trial, and now I'm looking at at least 6.

The judge is being, if possible, an even bigger jerk this time than last. He's allowing in evidence that I've essentially been acquitted of, evidence that doesn't pertain to my current charges but to the conspiracy charge, and is still not allowing in photos of my injuries as that might bias the jury. Apparently only the prosecutor gets to bias the jury.

To complicate things further, my new codefendant's attorney is not terribly competent, and has already started picking fights with the other defense attorneys.