I'm in a train station/cafe. There are a lot of punk kids around, chaos kids, the kind that think you're on the wrong side of the class war if you have a job. I'm dropping off some stuff, and I'm trying to dye my hair. I'm using some kind of "normal" hair dye, not my normal manic panic/punky colors. The dye is black and red. I'm trying to get my friend N. to help me, but he's never done this before and he's highly distractable. We have to go somewhere, and we're leaving about the time the dye is supposed to come out. I can't get it out myself. I'm trying to step lightly over the kids, but I'm not sure if I'm stepping on them or not so I keep apologizing. I'm getting on the subway, only now I'm getting into a black off-road vehicle that a woman I know is driving. We're heading over a wooden bridge that has a sharp incline leading up to it. We drive up it quickly and the car is airborne for a few moments, while I panic. I do not like being airborne. We land softly, but not before I have that unpleasant falling sensation. I wake up with the sound of someone singing 'remember...' over and over in my head.