I've dyed my hair blue. I'm walking to Dinkytown from my dad's house. Someone is with me, then I'm driving with a friend. I want to find a bike to take back to LA so I can bike to work, and I'm trying to think of ways I can hide my new hair color from my boss. Back in LA there are bugs in my room. I hear them moving in the three empty drink cans on my floor. I pick up the cans, thinking to throw them out, but first I shake them a little, hoping to force the bugs to the bottom where they won't crawl over my hands while I'm walking downstairs. One can has tiny flying beetles in it which emerge while I'm shaking it - good plan, huh? They're smaller than my smallest fingernail, black and green, and they fly in a flock like birds do. I'm irritated at them. I crush the can into an empty glass so no more can escape. I wonder why the spiders didn't get them. There are two huge spiderwebs in my room, one by the bed and one in front of the closet. The one by the bed has about 3 spiders on it. They're black and while some are large, they're all fairly normal looking. The web is normal as well. The web by the closet looks vaguely like a basket, about a foot across at the opening and kind of conical, with the bottom about a foot deep. The strands connecting it to the wall are strong; I have trouble breaking them. The spiders here look like they're made of glass. Some of them have bodies the size of my fingertips. The larger ones are almost perfectly transparent, the smaller ones are whitish and gleaming. There are about five. When I come back to my room after throwing out the insect-filled cans, the room is empty except for the bed. One window has been replaced by a door, and the other wall has an extra window in it. Everything is closed and curtained; it's high summer and hot outside.