I'm falling in love with this woman I barely know and in real life find vaguely irritating and creepy. We're at my college, but college is now located in space stations around Saturn, a group of four small squarish stations attached to huge satelite dishes. They look exactly alike from outside. They can join with each other easily but for some reason that I do not understand remain separate yet close together most of the time. Weird sex and body modification are involved at various points. She tells me that witch's tits are cold. We have not said anything about what is happening; there is no verbal acknowledgement of our interaction. I am leaving briefly to help someone choose colors for a picture and ask her if she wants to hang out later. Offended that I'm leaving, or perhaps that I'm mentioning it, she asks "Why?" (as in, why hang out later). I shrug. She leaves, back to another space station. I call my cat, but a different cat shows up. I call her later to no answer, then go over to find her to see if she'll help me take the cat to the vet. There's a kid with three arms who can't walk in the hallway, telling another kid to imagine what it would be like to have three legs. I make a 'you're a high-maintenance person and I didn't realize it' apology to the girl and everything is fine until it turns out that she wants to perform a magical ritual involving killing the cat and two lobsters, one black, one red, all alive currently. I talk her out of it, although I don't really care about the lobsters. We are planning to go somewhere for a few days, and when I go to run it by the local governing council who are easy about things like this but you have to tell them because we're in space. The local governing council is about 10 people in robes sitting around a kitchen table in someone's backyard. The person before me has to say where he's going and why, but when I make my request, they just look at me and say "Oh, they're in love."