A comic book published by Wildstorm, a subdivision of Image. Issues 1-8 were written by Warren Ellis, pencils by Humberto Ramos.

DV8 is about a really screwed up superhero team, kind of like the severely dysfunctional X-Men or the dark side of Gen 13.

Cast of charaters:

Ivana Baiul, team founder. Smart, manipulative, and cruel.
Nicole Callahan, Bliss. Capable of stimulating pleasure or pain centers to the point of inducing cardiac arrest with her touch. Seduced her brother, Threshold.
Matthew Callahan, Threshold. Psychokinetic, incredibly powerful, and extremely mentally unstable. He used to be Ivana's sex toy before his sister seduced him. He was team leader until he tried to kill everyone.
Gem Antonelli, Copycat. Multiple personality dominatrix.
Leon Carver, Frostbite. Heat extractor. Former Harvard football player. Team leader after Threshold left.
Rachel Goldman, Sublime. Controls the density of her body.
Michael Heller, Evo. Shapechanger.
Hector Morales, Powerhaus. Converts emotion into muscle mass. Frequently drunk.
Sideways Bob, the bodyguard. Feared by the entire team.
Lucille, Sideways Bob's girlfriend. A mannequin head he stole from a department store window.