Today I went out with the intention of finding a Sonic Youth ticket. I’ve been trying to see Sonic Youth for 10 years, and somehow I have always failed.

My first attempt was in the fall of my junior year of high school. I was 16. My best friend and I went and bought tickets for $7 at Intermezzo on the west bank. The show was for the next week, Wednesday. On Monday I was sent to Fairview Riverside adolescent psychiatric ward, where I stayed for a week. Nick got grounded. Neither of us went to the show, and couldn’t even give away our tickets. Various other events have conspired against me, including Sonic Youth playing Minneapolis right after I left and Los Angeles right before I arrived, but possibly the most stupid way I have missed them was two years ago, when they played at the Walker Art Center, and I found out about an hour after the show was over.

I’ve known that Sonic Youth were playing on Monday for some time now, and today left my house with the intention of getting a ticket at Know Name in dinkytown. I got there to find that they were out, but the guy who works there sent me to Moose and Sadie’s, where I purchased a small piece of solid joy and delight in the form of a strip of paper with words on it. I will go to Sonic Youth, my dreams will be realized, and my plot for world domination will commence.

Other than that, I got turned down for the awake nights position at the group home. I was the third choice after two girls who’d had similar jobs and wouldn’t need training. Unfortunately for me, both of them took the job, but I have a Sonic Youth ticket, which is in many ways superior to having a job.