As part of my preparations for retrial on May 1 of this year, I emailed my attorney to find out where I should show up, what courtroom we're in, and found out that once again they're screwing with me.

There's another group of 3 people awaiting trial. One of them was raided by the FBI for running a website that the FBI found objectionable. They're currently scheduled to go to trial on April 30, which means that my trial can't start on May 1. If only one of them opts to go to trial, the court's plan is to try them with me. This person will still have pending charges of conspiracy, riot, rout, and unlawful assembly, conspiracy being the serious charge. The court's plan is to bring in the conspiracy evidence and then tell the jury to ingore it when considering my case. This is in effect a way of putting me in double jeopardy legally, since their plan will be not to charge me twice but to try to implicate me by the mere presence of evidence I've been cleared of.

They can't try all of us at once because they can't try more than 3 people at a time because there isn't room at the table for that many people. Even with 3 it's a real squeeze. They can't put us into two courtrooms because there's only one set of AV equipment, and since most of the evidence is video, no one can do without it.

In the meantime, I don't know what's going to happen on May 1. I've already gotten a plane ticket, so I'm going to be in California, but this not knowing whether I need to be there only a few days ahead is irritating. Also, the prospect of being tried with someone who was raided by the FBI for unamerican activities or something is not very pleasant. September 11 is a long time ago, but perhaps not long enough.