"In the beginning... But of course, we never see the beginning. We come in the middle, after the lights have gone down, and try to make some sense of the story so far. Whisper to our neighbours, 'Who's he? Who's she? Have they met eachother before?' We get by." -- Neil Gaiman

The Rules Of Seduction
The tiny swirl of blood circles 'round and disappears
A purification ritual, a psycho self-abortion
Chest rises slightly in its lace restraints
The heat exudes; breasts, blood, and sweat.
Fallen on the floor, not quite sure what
To do with herself, a scream, echoing
And there's more blood, to mix with the tears
A shaken wreck of dizziness and delirium
Vomit rises like a thick black prayer
Sweaty face turned skywards, light blinding
But all she can focus on is a mental slideshow
Of a deceitful happiness now gone horribly wrong
The light fades, reality is now faced with madness
Black surrounds her and she glances around
At all the mistrusting eyes, who say they'll help
But really only have plans for themselves
Flashbulbs pop in the silence
Smile for posterity, Lift your head
And break all the rules.