Rain rain go away, come again some other day

Dreary, cold, and gray... The day has idled away from me, leaving me sitting here alone, quite empty handed...

No further developments in the matters of the heart, and I don't expect them any time soon. That's okay, I'm quite content with blossoming into myself, and missing those that I once loved. In other matters, my inner procrastination drive was crushed deliciously today as I scurried to fill out college transfer applications, track down teachers and their signatures, and write the best self-promotion I could muster. Now I sit back and pray for acceptance.

But... I made a huge life-altering decision today! I don't normally do that... All my life, I've been warned, "Major in something smart in college. Don't waste yourself on majoring in art." Well, you know what? Screw that. Photography is what I do best, so shouldn't I want to major in something I'm going to have fun with? Believe me, I love studying law and the weird perversions of the criminal mind, but... I feel the need to get back into myself, to fall into my creativity, to show the world what I can do. I can conquer worlds with that lens... So, if I get into the school I want, I'm going to live life for me... Because that's all I can do.

Eh, I'm pretty boring lately... maybe things will soon pick up.