I don't know why, but lately, I've been FEELING you... Somehow, you've managed to bury into my head, ingrain yourself, and late at night, I can sense you moving around in there. On a different plane, I feel connected to you; I KNOW you, goddammit— And still, you're a mystery, an enigma— To quote your favorite song, "I miss you, I guess that I should". I think... it's the way you slide into my mind unsuspectingly, the way you hold me in your gaze... I am locked to you. There is no other way to explain it. There is something about you that won't let me let go of you. (Pheromones?? If only it were that easy...) And I know I should, I know this won't get me anywhere— If you were to suddenly express undying love to me right now, what could I do? Nothing. But at the same time— Maybe it's the challenge that keeps me going. The thought that maybe, eventually, I can convince you otherwise... But really, what then? What do I have to learn from this situation? I know that everything needs to be a learning experience— so— WHAT IS MY LESSON? And why am I too blind to see it, if it's so clearly in front of my face?