I'm usually pretty good at remembering my dreams, and I always seem to have some pretty strange ones.

Last night, my dream centered around being in this huge, gilded ballroom in some fancy hotel. It looked, honestly, like it should be straight out of Versailles or something. Anyway, I was standing in this ballroom with this guy, and a door on each wall of the room opened up simultaneously-- Out came these weirdly odd and graceful creatures. I call them creatures, only it seems that they were partly human, but then again, not quite. They remind me of those things in The Dark Crystal that look like they're walking on stilts-- these "people" were very tall, had shaggy gray hair, and were wearing wedding dresses with extremely long hoop skirts. These 4 "people" came out of each door, and swooped and swayed in some sort of slow-motion interpretive dance. When they got to the center of the room, they all looked up at the skylight above, and put their hands up over their faces to shield out the light coming in... And then I woke up... it's hard to explain, but this was just EERIE.