One fun fact about "Monty Python And The Holy Grail" is that the 3000 first viewers on the New York premiere, got a free coconut with the ticket.

This is a very funny promotional stunt, completely in character, considering Monty Python's taste for silly, out-of-place absurdities.

This is an event I'd really like to see for myself, because of the sheer intensity of silliness involved. Free edibles or other SWAG handed out at premieres are not that uncommon, but a coconut is a fruit that is completely useless without the utilization of some coconut tool. Plus it's very large and not very convenient dragging all the way home after the movie is over.

I can only imagine what the people among the first 3000 thought, as they got their limited edition coconuts handed out at the entrance of the show, and I can only guess at what the masterminds of the idea were thinking as the 3000 coconut wielding people were heading home through the streets and public transportation system of New York.

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