A novel written by swedish author Astrid Lindgren. The origin of Pippi was an idea from Astrid's daughter Karin who made up the name in 1945. Since then, the story of Pippi Longstocking has been translated in 50 languages world wide, and spawned a T.V. series and movies.

Pippi's real name is Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Efraim's Daughter Longstocking. She's nine years old.

The following is a physical description of Pippi by Astrid:
Her hair, the color of a carrot, was braided in two tight braids that stuck straight out. Her nose was the shape of a very small potato and was dotted all over with freckles. It must be admitted that the mouth under this nose was a very wide one, with strong white teeth. Her dress was rather unusual. Pippi herself had made it. She had meant it to be blue, but there wasn't quite enough blue cloth, so Pippi had sewed little red pieces on it here and there. On her long thin legs she wore a pair of long stockings, one brown and the other black, and she had on a pair of black shoes that were exactly twice as long as her feet. These shoes her father had bought for her in South America so that Pippi would have something to grow into, and she never wanted to wear any others.

Pippi's father was a pirate so she lives the good life (she had a suitcase full of gold!). She has her own house and lives without parental supervision. She has superhuman strength so no one tends to mess with her. She has two pets, Mr. Nilsson, a monkey and a horse (It has no name in the books). She is also friends with two children Tommy and Annika whom she goes on adventures with. Pippi also doesn't go to school, words like "pluttifikation" baffle her.

Because Pippi has so much free time, she often chances upon a number of adventures, including scolding a shark, beating her dad in sailorlifting, and numerous other adventures while out pirating with her father.