My academic advisor told me to do this the last time my roommate had a manic episode. She's had four. I've taken care of her all four times. She is my best friend. If I was a man, I'd have married her by now.

My roommate is a bipolar manic depressive. Her manic episodes (four, so far) are quite scary. During these episodes, she doesn't sleep, her eyes are vacant when she speaks, she gets lost in parking lots, lies on the floor in restaurants, and goes off with anyone who offers her some weed. The first time, none of her friends knew what was going on...we let it go to the point where she was picked up by the police placed in a mental institution against her will. Her parents had to fly all the way from Australia just to sign her out.

It is hard when this happens, bacause her family is so far away. I can't tell you the stress involved in keeping her in check so she does not get in trouble. It places a strain on my work both at my part time job and at school.

And my advisor says, "lose the roommate."

How can I?

She is my best friend. And my family. When she is not in that state (which is most of the time), she is always there for me. No one else would be there to do what is needed to be done. And I know she'd do the same for me if the situation was reversed.

I can't just "lose the roommate." I love her too much.