I decided about a year ago that I would save at least one living creature near my house a day. Most of the time I'd save a lizard for they sure are abundant here. Other days, I'd rescue a snake from my cats or some sort of flying insect from my front porch.

Ever since the summer started, wasps were what I saved. They'd somehow get into my screened porch and couldn't get back out. I had to formulate a plan in order to get them out without being stung. I'd wait until they flew to the porch door then quickly push it open. The door would swing out and stop and the wasp would fly away.

It was a good plan. It worked well for months. I didn't have to kill anything.

A few days ago, Pati was on the porch and was stung by a wasp. As the tears streamed down her face while she rinsed her hand, I couldn't help but feel guilty. I should have invested in some sort of pest control. I should have killed those fucking wasps.