By Clinique; a perfume fragrance.

A hint of citrus
a wealth of flowers

clinique happy

a mix of emotions
wear it and be happy.

A chic, modern, multi-layered floral with sparking, lingering fragrance of Ruby Red Grapefruit, Boysenberry Bush Flower, and Hawaiian Wedding Flower. These exotic notes have never been used before in a fragrance.

That's the official hard-sell.

First released in 1998, it smells purely refreshing! It's youthful, delightful and so absolutely chic. I love it! When first sprayed, it is really tangy, then it smells fresh, then it mellows to a beautiful well-balanced fragrance.

The colour of Happy is orange, well - the box is. The bottle is ovoid cylinder of clear glass and clear liquid with a metallic cap.

There are two versions: Happy for Women, and Happy for Men (a bit spicier). From perfume spray to eau de toilette to after shave to anti perspirant deodrant to shave balm to body cream to body wash to hydrating body mist ... More reasons to be HAPPY.