Another anecdote today.

How do you reason with an 8 year old boy? TR did not want fissure sealants placed on his teeth. I reasoned that they don't hurt, it only takes 60 seconds, and he's had them done before.

I asked him why he didn't like it.

I don't want to do it. I hate the noise. I hate the taste. I hate the dentist.

He looked at me as he said the last sentence, and was pleased with himself that he could say it to my face. A few tears were shed as he stubbornly said he'll have them at his next visit.

At the last visit, his mum bribed him with a PlayStation game if he would behave himself for this visit. He got the game. This visit, his mum threatened that she would take the game away FOREVER as he was not behaving at this visit. Oh boy, more tears as he comprehended loosing the game forever! Not forever, he pleaded.

You have the sealants done NOW, not next visit, or I'll give away your game FOREVER

So, with tears, he walked out of my room rather unhappily. I *sigh* to myself and to my nurse (partly in relief and in annoyance).

But guess what! He returned and hopped into the chair. TR decided that he was going to behave. He said "I'm only doing this because of the game".