What a delightful surprise - Mr. D came in today and his dentures were CLEAN!

It's now 2 weeks post-op, 2 weeks since I extracted 20 teeth for him. The upper denture has wonderful retention and stability i.e. it sucks to his palate the way we all dream our dentures to be. No complaints here. Except maybe the flange of the denture was encroaching on the movement of his labial frenum. A minor adjustment fixed it.

The lower denture was still sore to eat with... upon examination, the denture was over extended in the masseter notch area. More adjustment. The verdict "100% better!" and he was smiling again. He says he's lost a bit of weight from this soft food diet. I think he's doctor would be pleased.

Next thing: : gum shrinkage. Actually, the bone of the alveolar processes resorb after teeth are extracted. This is most dramatic in the first 6 weeks. Hence the dentures will need a reline SOON. We'll have to play by ear, or by mouth...