Oh man! I can see, I CAN SEE!! The world looks different. It doesn't matter that this is the Westfield Shoppingtown I grew up with. It hasn't looked like this for such a long time.

That's how I walked out of the optometrist's place today. I was trialing the new Acuvue contact lenses by Johnson & Johnson for the day. For 6 hours, to be precise; and the world was different. Mr. Optometrist, who is as serious as he was when I first saw him 13 years ago, was kind enough to let me trial 2 different brands, one in each eye, for 15 mins sometime last week. I picked the better fitting one, Acuvue, to have a "full-day" trial.

I could see everything - no sharp demarcation between through-the-lens and from-the-periphery. One continuous image. My own house looked different: I've never looked into my bedroom from the kitchen. Yikes!

It was even better when I did not need to go hunt for my glasses to do some lazy reading from the newspaper and cereal boxes. Or have to wipe off the fingerprints from them. Or take them off to wear a jumper. Or put them aside when trying on new clothes whilst shopping.

As you can tell, my eye-sight is not that bad to necessitate wearing glasses 24 hours a day - just enough to make life inconvenient. And just annoying enough to make me loose a bit of sharpness in vision when wearing contact lenses because they cannot compensate for astigmatism.

And there's the decision (again) whether to put prescription lenses my in new loupes. 3.5 times magnification (up from my current 2.6X). Makes a little bit of decay look like a big festering bog of micro-organisms and food particles. Hehehehe.