Whoooaaaaa! This is certainly going to the best E2G2T ever! And it looks like a few people are going to be doing the distance, so I really shouldn’t comment on my travelling up from the lovely Gong.

Count me in!

Adding to sneff’s mission statement:
To promote E2 amongst non-computer geeks (like me...).
And to get more gweilo's to eat the exotica!

What will our mascot be this time? Will simonc wear his geek T-shirt or alex.tan his E2 T-shirt for easy identification?? I am sure you can can’t miss us.

And for the lead up to this occasion, MK will node a node a day until Sunday. Promise!
The aftermath

It was wonderful meeting all these geeks (computer and non-'s). Mission accomplished!

It proved to be a day of stair-climbing and red-noses. The latter not from the promised black velvets, but from the strong Australian sun. But I truly enjoyed the best views that Sydney had to offer from the roof tops of the abovementioned buildings even if I did curse the stair-climbing, and the beer and pork, and the endless bowls of congee, and the varied topics of conversation. One thing I missed was having our mascot, Spank The Monkey (also known as Speaenk) sitting on my lap at BBQ King.

Many thanks to simonc for making the trip up from the capital city of politics, and jt, mellamophone and arkaem from Newcastle, the othersteel city. And to Kalon for that roof-top spectacular. NSW E2 Community is well and truly alive! Next time we will further our plans on world domination, alex.tan.

I did node a node a day, in fact - several nodes a day, leading up to the event!