Flowers. The receptionist brought this huge bunch of flowers to my room when I was seeing my 9 am patient. Wow, I thought, a belated V. day thought??
Here you go, Mrs Soandso, the florist sent them to you. Oh darn it, they were for my patient - it was her birthday and a friend from Queensland had heard she was going to the dentist. Somehow this resourceful friend had gone to the trouble of finding out which dentist she was seeing and when the appointment was, and got the flowers delivered. Sigh, not me.

Then later my nurse said, I have to tell you about our next patient.
She's brought flowers for you.
Really?The day keeps getting stranger.
She thinks she's getting her denture today. She doesn't want us to give you the flowers until after she leaves.
Oopps. She's not getting her denture today. *pause* Oh dear… we're doing a "try-in". Call the lab and see if they can process the repair and have it back by 4.30 TODAY!

Situation adverted! Apparently the patient wanted to apologise for being such a pain. I mean, for being troublesome. Yeah, she was driving me nuts because she wasn't happy with the way her new denture looked. She wanted them like her old one (which look urm…. aesthetically-challenged). This was the 3rd time!

So I was happy, though a bit confused at the change of heart.