It must be a walk down memory lane today.

I guess the most significant is that today is the first anniversary of my knee reconstruction operation. On December 20, 1999 I was admitted into The Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Randwick, Sydney to have a new anterior cruciate ligament for my left knee. The orthopaedic surgeon used the hamstring technique, aka the four loop semitendinous gracilis graft technique. I do remember that it was a bad time to have an operation so soon leading up to Christmas,; not because it spoilt the celebrations, but because I could not get reassurance from the medicos for the pain I was experiencing second week post-operatively, between Christmas and the New Year. The surgeon later apologised for the amount of post-operative bruising, but did not take responsibility for it; bad luck, he said . My leg, and later my ankle, went from bright purple to blue to yellow over the course of 3 weeks.

The Environmental Protection Agency, NSW sent a form for the renewal of my Radioactive Substance/Radiation Apparatus Licence in accordance of the Radiation Control Act, 1990. It had been a year since I graduated from dental school. Just 3 days before my operation. I graduated with Honours II Division I, coming fourth in my year on December 17, 2000 - a very proud moment in my short life. Now, I am no longer a "new grad", but a "recent grad".

My best friend e mailed me the news that she met my first boyfriend at a wedding in Melbourne. I haven't had any news of him for a whole year. He was playing in the jazz band at the wedding. She also met up with a whole gang of people who knew me during my days at Wesley College, The University of Sydney. She had not realise that the bride and groom knew me too! it's a small world!

And to top it all, my old friend sent me a photo of both us at her 8th birthday party along with her Christmas card. She's now living in Iowa. Married. We went to Assunta Convent School in Malaysia for our primary schooling… and conspired against our classmates during lunch times!