When I was a kid my family pay our respect to the Vets by visiting the Pearl Harbor Memorial. There's a movie sequence. Boats to check out. Flowers to scatter. As a result, once in a while I have a dream about me being what I suppose is a spy sabataging a ship yard full of battleships. Or some other deal with the war.

Which side I played I have no idea. First I visit an office building to get my fix of mission data. Then I would implement them. One of the things I'm suppose to do is distract the ships. I have ballons I would set off to get the ship guns to shoot at them. It's funny. Seeing the sluggish gun barrels from half a dozen boat try to follow a ballon that's everywhere at once.

So there's silly, birthday ballons. And then I would attempt to plant backpacks of explosives on the pier next to the ships. I always put them in the wrong place and want to run back and move them. But just like the coyote vs. the road-runner sequence the bomb fuse would be fixed and too short. It turns out that I was afraid to return and rearrange the deposits. And since the bombs are in the wrong place and ineffective--the ships stay afloat.

I make my way back to the harbor office building. I find myself going through a hidden door in one of the admiral's private office and walking straight into a (think Being John Machovich) cave of sorts with rock linings and torches for lights. In the cave the admiral I am meeting show me a meditation box. Which is really like that game where you take pieces of support wood pieces off of the bottom of the arrangement, and hope that the result isn't having whole construction crumble on you.

What's the name of the game? Jinga I think. Anyway. The admiral would tell me, "Wish for something and take out a stone." (It's long stones--not wood sticks--still with me?) I did as instructed, repeating for subsequent wishes. I didn't give much if any thought to what to wish for--but I did wish I suppose. Something new happened, another stone fell loose (not the whole arrangement) as a result of my taking a stone, and the admiral looked at me. And I realize in his or her eyes that there's was a price for my wishes. I realize perhaps the fallen stone symbolized death. Someone died at that instant.

Anyway. I think this dream might have been brought on partially because of the October 2000 attack on the US Naval ship in Yeman. I wish I could bring those seamates' lives back. So much more to do on Earth before things are better.