I must disagree with meluseena. Nowhere in Elfwood rules are nudity or sexual allusions prohibited. It seems to be quite common. The official rule states:

Pornography/erotica in any form or level is not tolerated on Elfwood. While the naked form is a beautiful thing and is accepted in Elfwood, images depicting suggestive poses are not accepted. That is a different kind of "fantasy" altogether and doesn't belong in any part of Elfwood.

While this sounds quite strict, they are mostly commenting on truly hard-core erotica. The definition of 'suggestive poses' also is quite stretchy. One only has to look at the tours "Getting it On: Hot times in the Woods" and "Yaoi!" to see that.

Artwork that is freaky, or abstract (with no scifi/fantasy form or figure), consist entirely of kaleidoscopic patterns, or similar, are not considered fantasy or science fiction. Landscapes with no clear fantasy or sci-fi elements in them are likewise prohibited in Elfwood.

All this is saying is that you can't draw a bunch of patterns and call it sci-fi or fantasy. Freaky art, as in, gothic art, or weird art is perfectly within the rules, and is indeed widespread.

Of course it is unpleasant to get a note back saying that your work has been rejected. But generally the mods' reasons are fair and logical. You're also welcome to appeal at any time.

Better systems of tours and moderator's highlights have greatly improved the ease of searching for the gems in a pile of rubbish. Word of mouth is very strong in Elfwood, and with only a little effort, you can find some real beauties.

Are there downsides? Of course. Elfwood is no longer one community. Rather, it is a collection of them. However, it is easy to create a group as tight-knit as any in the early less popular site, even if it comprises a much small percentage of the site's total membership.

Still, the recent merge of Loth and the Zone has allowed different visions in of what counts as sci-fi or fantasy. The mods are becoming more consistent. Broken pictures and abandoned galleries are removed. General tidying up of the site has been ongoing. The site is viable and beautiful still, despite its size.