A brief survey of what some of the world's subways are like:
London: It looks dilapidated. It smells dilapidated. It is dilapidated. But comparitively, it's not that bad! The stations are plentiful and modern. The grid is layed out as well as could be expected. Getting around with them is very easy.

Amsterdam: They have a subway system. Really. I think it has only one line or something. It is very inconvenient, and is very warm. The cars are kind of nasty, but the station isn't overly bad. Riding the subway in Amsterdam is far more trouble than it's worth. The trams are much nicer and easier to get around on.

Paris: The Paris subway is really bad. The grid is crazy--there is a glut stations in places where there is no need for a glut of stations, and there are no stations in places where there really should be. Getting from point A to point B is really difficult because of the insane way it is laid out (or maybe it just seemed that way because Zeno was right. The stations are really old and ugly and hard to get around. And warm. Really warm.