It is always incredibly exciting and amusing when someone says this to me or I say it to myself.

"Look!" my companion says. "That twig looks like Jesus!" I look down at it, examine it. I pick it up and gaze at it intently. "Lordy," say I, "It does look like Jesus!"

I was reading a comic book one time. I think it was some issue of Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider, who is this badass antihero who has a flaming skull for a head, is fighting some horrible monster, and getting thrashed badly. Suddenly, some stranger comes out of the crowd that has gathered around their battle and saves Ghost Rider's life. "Man," I say to myself, "That stranger looks like Jesus!" (And, in fact, I do believe it was Jesus, however it was never explicated)

Now, I'm an agnostic (and formerly a reformed Jew), and therefore I am by no means a Jesus freak. However, this has also happened with trees, people I've met on the street, puddles of water, and the like. It is a very odd phenomenon. Is it because the image of Jesus is burnt so terribly deeply into our subconscious, we just began to associate images and objects with Jesus at random?

Or is it just that an alarming number of things look a lot like Jesus?