God Hand are characters created by Kentarou Miura in his manga,"Berserk".

Within the manga by Kentarou Miura, there are powerful beings who influence the outcomes of humans. Among such beings are the five supreme demon lords known as the God Hand. Their power is drawn from the Idea of Evil, which is the only thing/being stronger than the God Hand. In a way, this Idea of Evil is using the five demon lords as a hand to influence the physical world. The Idea of Evil's ultimate goal is so far unknown.

These God Hand members used to be human beings who rose to become members of God Hand due to causality, the law of cause and effect. Everything within the Berserk world is tied to the strings of causality. This is, among other unknown reasons, the Idea of Evil's method for delivering a world ripe for conquering to the final member of God Hand.

A God Hand member is born every 216 years during a Eclipse Ceremony which takes place within the Nexus of worlds. From the outside, the Nexus resembles a gigantic black maelstrom that reaches from sky to earth. Within are the sacrifices required to turn an ordinary human being into a member of God Hand. Each sacrifice receives a Brand which marks them out to other spirit beings. Spirit beings, good or evil, are attracted to the Brand because the Branded are caught in the Interstice which is a place between the physical world and the Nexus, the full spirit universe.

With the power of the Scarlet Beherit, an ordinary human being can become a member of God Hand and rise to become a supreme demon lord. The Scarlet Beherit is an extraordinary Beherit among Beherits that can only be used by a human destined by causality to become the new God Hand member. The amount of sacrifices required to make this change is immense, numbering from hundreds to thousand of human beings. The fear and anguish of a branded one's death is nourishment for this change.

The five final God Hand members are as follows:

First, Void

Second, Conrad

Third, Ubik

Fourth, Slan

Fifth, Femto

Void, being the oldest God Hand, is presumably the leader of God Hand. He has a huge exposed brain with no flesh or skin on his face except for his eyelids, which are sewn shut.

Little is known about Conrad, the second God Hand. He resembles an obese, bald man with very little eyes and a mouth with lips peeled far back. His hands are always clasped together and is perpetually laughing "ho... ho.. ho.." So far, his only effect on the physical world seems to be plague, carried by rats.

Ubik seems to be more deformed than the other members since he has no legs or torso. Instead, he has ribbed, pointed flaps that hang below him and he floats. His face resembles Conrad, having these huge cheeks and bald head, and like Conrad, he always has his hands clasped together as well.

Slan is the only female member of God Hand. She is a very beautiful and passionately evil woman whose only ornament is a high metal collar, intricately worked. Her hair is medusa-like, moving of their own accord and resembling long smooth tentacles, shoulder-length. Her more private bits are covered by her demonic wings' tips.

The final member is Femto, who was known as Griffith before he became a member of God Hand. His highest position before rising to evil was the leader of the "Band of the Hawk", an invincible army with Guts as their Raid Leader. To become a member of God Hand, he sacrificed his army.