The end of the world : an annotated bibliography by Tom McIver (Jefferson, NC : McFarland, 1999). 389p. index 333-389.

A pivotal reference work in contemporary eschatology, with over 3400 separate entries, ranging from the Apocalypse of Baruch (late 1st c. AD, Babylon) to the Books of the Chilam Balam, or Jaguar Prophet (discovered 1600s, Yucatan) to Jung-Stillung's alchemist/ Masonic/ anti-French novel Das Heimweh (1794 ) all the way up to exhaustive catalogues of TEOTWAWKI web sites, such as Hope in the End Time ( or The Prophecy Club ( McIver has even annotated much of the material, highlighting the 'useful' or unique elements of the material (from a scholarly point of view) though clearly he loses his enthusiasm and patience with hidden bible code theories, Atlantis chronology, astral projection, alien Elohim fantasies, distorted numerology, New World Order politics, Creationism and sentences such as "UFOs represent the space forge of the Lord Jesus Christ preparing for the Second Coming." Sadly, the vast majority of the literature from 1970s onward is dominated by crypto- fascist Biblical nonsense, but there are still some 1000 items listed in the work which predate the Industrial Revolution. Needless to say, this is where some of the titles are more interesting, delving into Illuminatism and Illuminism, belief that Napoleon was the Anti-Christ, Egyptology and Hollow Earthers, just to name a few. Some of those titles are sweet, proving at least that material like this has always made for popular reading:
  • The Kings of the East: An Exposition of the Prophecies, Determining, from Scripture and from History, the Power for Whome the Mystical Euphrates is Being Dried Up; with an Explanation of Certain Other Prophecies Concerning the Restoration of Israel (London: Seeley and Burnside, 335p. 1842)
  • The Prophetical History of the Reformation; or, The Reformation to be Reform'd; in That Great Reformation; That Is To Be 1697 by Thomas Beverly (London: 1689)
  • Two Remarkable Paradoxes: I. That the World was Created in An Instant, and Not in Six Days, and II. That the World at the Last Day Shall Not be Intirely Consumed By Fire. (London: R. Baldwin, 1691)