As a Brazilian who was kind-of forced to watch it (since the time I have to watch TV coincides with when soap operas are aired in TV Globo, a major TV channel and media organization in Brazil, from 6pm to 10pm) I have to put some of my thoughts about 'O Clone'.

First, the absurds and cliches that got used through the whole story:

  • Travels from Brazil to Morocco were inexpensive, and people, even when in financial difficulty, could get to the airport and just get the first plane. They never booked a flight, and the flights took 1 to 3 seconds to happen.
  • People always called their relatives in Brazil or Morocco, and the writers didn't even tried to consider timezone differences.
  • Jade, even after a "30 years after..." doesn't get even a single wrinkle on her face. By the way, that's true for all female characters on the telenovela.
  • Leandro (the Clone) was approximately 20 years younger than Lucas (the alive twin). Yet everyone could recognize him as a clone, and nobody even asked if Leandro was Lucas' son, what would be perfectly plausible.
  • (by adamk) All of the characters manage to meet one another, despite living in two different cities, both where millions of people live. If you watch the telenovela as your only source of information about Rio de Janeiro or Morocco, you might think there are only 2 neighborhoods, 4 secretaries, 3 students and 2 muslim fabilies each.

    will post more here, keep looking