I have a crush. A crush on one of my employees. She is only a year younger than me, but I am her manager. I'm sure it is only a one way thing, but sometimes I feel her eyes on me for long periods and don't often have the guts to turn and meet her stare. Once I did, and our gaze held for a few seconds before she looked away.

She has said a few things that could be taken as innuendo, when she was needing to reach some files that were under my desk she goes "I need to get between your legs". I think these things over at length, but am sure they are purely innocent jokes or her pushing to get a reaction.

With previous managers of my own, I noticed they always had favourites. I promised myself that when I was manager I would never have favourites, but she is definitely mine and I think she knows it. I think it's physically impossible not to have favourites, the hard part is not showing it.

We constantly joke around and she will slap or hit me (softly of course) and it could all be interpreted as flirting or harmless fun.

Nobody knows what sexuality I am, but I am aware of the rumours flying around.

She has a boyfriend who she tells me about, which I pretend to smile and laugh at, all the while wishing he would jump on a magic carpet and fly to india.