Natural light is a frightening phenomenon. Most light that we know of is produced within thin glass bulbs or tubes. Natural light, however, emanates from an immense ball of fire, bombarding us with harmful radiation. This so-called "natural" light can burn a human being to a crisp and cause severe dehydration. It should be avoided at all costs, in favour of the comforting blue glow given off by the television, or the area of wan lighting which surrounds your monitor. While some of us have been lucky enough to escape the harsh assault from the flaming ball on high, many have been scarred for life and left with freakish blemishes called "freckles", or even been forced to molt, shedding their now-radioactive skin and beginning the arduous process of growing a new one. "Natural Light" is present outside for lengthy periods of time. Clever use of mirrors will allow you to detect it, ascertaining if it is safe to leave your home, or if you're better off just having a courier deliver those cigarettes.