1. I was in some strange castle with my girlfriend. She had been tasked with doing something at the very top of the highest tower, and I decided to join her. The first stair leading there was a spiral type, but so narrow I could not fit two feet beside each other on the steps. It was encircled with a tight-fitting metal lattice with square holes in it, and it started suspended in air, level with my neck. I had to pull myself up to start climbing. My girlfriend had no problems with it however, and left me struggling to pull myself up to start climbing, and later fight my way upwards.

When I finally got to the top of this nightmare of a staircase, I saw there was a broad, marbled staircase leading down again, and I decided to walk down it to find out if I could have avoided the one I just came up. I came about halfway down before it stopped, a couple of stories above the floor below.

2. I was walking along a path, turning steadily to the left, and wide enough for one man. It was enclosed by high rock walls on both sides. I emerged into someones front yard, but instead of following the road to where I was going, I went up to the left to behold the ravine I had just walked through from above. The nature was wild and green, but with tropical trees and japanese hill-formations. Turning away from the ravine, I discovered some birds standing in my way.

They were tall enough to reach my chest, and fiery yellow and orange in colour. Appearantly oblivious to my presence, they were in some sort of conflict with a smaller black bird who fought fiercely back, verbally. I wondered if the large birds might be hostile to humans, but as I moved slightly towards them, they backed off to keep the distance constant.

Ignoring the birds, I went back the way I came, but was distracted by a pond with a small cave into the mountain at the waters edge. Naturally I had to crawl into the cave to see where it went. I ventured through a maze of passages and intersections, and soon decided this had to be a kennel for the birds I had seen outside, where they rested at night. Eventually finding an exit, I saw it had a door that could be closed. I figured whoever owned the kennel wouldn't want the birds to exit like me, so I closed it.

I found myself in a house -- more like a sprawling mansion really -- to which the front yard I'd seen earlier belonged. I decided to go find someone and tell them I'd closed the door to the bird kennel. I tried to talk to everybody I met, but nobody knew english, they just silently shook their heads when I asked.

Now the dream became blurry, but I tried talking to someone who looked like an englishman, and a very devious one at that, but he just looked silently at me when I asked. After finding out the lord of the place was completely nuts and his Chief of Security equally mad, but in a different way, I somehow ended up by the kennel exit agian.

The Chief of Security was shorter than me and fat, with glasses and his blond hair cut very short. He was explaining something to me, pointing his gun back and forth. On impulse, I went for the gun and tried wrestling it from his grip. While we struggled, the other people I'd spoken to arrived, but nobody seemed to mind. I finally got the gun when the barrel broke above my adversary's grip, and I pointed it at him as he backed away.

Now the lord of the mansion entered the room, but he just looked at me pointing the broken gun at him, and ignored me. He was appearantly planning to enter the bird kennel to check something. Again on impulse, I gave him the gun. At once he shot wildly about himself, and at me, but luckily it just went 'click' repeatedly.

Nobody else seemed to think his behaviour strange, and now he started ordering people into the kennels. The devious english-looking guy was appearantly planning to stay, and whispered, for my ears only, "If you want to live, stay".