This is the answer I give to the popular speculative:

If you had three wishes..?

For a very long time now, my first has been the Wolverine Val-U-Pak. Takes more damage than
Bruce Willis in a Die-Hard movie and is fifteenthousand times the badass. If your only knowledge of our
pal Logan is the recent film X-Men, you have NO idea how much hell on earth this feller
can dish.

The Mantle of the Celestian is a hood and shoulder piece somewhat drab and black in appearance.
Once donned, the mantle conveys these wondrous things: The wearer finds three pockets on the
inside of the garment. Pocket one contains food (with high nutrient content) enough for one day,
every day. The second pocket has the same ration of fresh water. The third pocket acts as a Bag
of Holding
. While wearing this aforementioned mantle, one is always in a cool, well-ventilated
place despite the surroundings…Bottom of the ocean, vacuum of space, walking on the sun, or
on the polar cap. The wearer is also impervious to poison, fire, and cold attacks….(which one
would not run into these days unless they started handing these powers out). This is a Magic Item
from a supplement to the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. I believe it was
Unearthed Arcaina but I am not positive…

I believe the name of the Marvel Universe dweller is the “TaskMaster”. His superpower is
the ability to see any task preformed once and mimic it to perfection.
Cooking shows, martial arts demonstrations, sports, musical instruments, auto repair, equation, porno flick, or OS.


…if I get them,


*…unless, of course, you stand in my way.