A style revealed to thefez and I by an Eastern Hero's video title "Kung-Fu Genius"

This school of Kung Fu is more Clairovoyance/Necromancy than actual fighting style.

The students are instructed on how to channel the spirits of
masters who have transcended the material plane.
Once contacted, the student is then a vessel for a dead
master, and is able to execute his or her individual style
flawlessly . (There has been speculation that certain
powerful Masters tasted an assassin's poison because certain
less reputable factions of this school could not wait for the inevitable.)

Though very powerful, this style contains fatal flaws
that must be considered when choosing this school...

  • Even the most accomplished student needs several moments
    free from distraction in order to channel the spirit.
    This fact is well known to assassins throughout the realm who
    will exploit it when possible.
  • A student must bend all will and discipline to learning the art of
    summoning, leaving his or her own Kung Fu lacking in potency.
  • Wards found in nearly every home and business across the realm
    will break the connection with the master spirit, leaving the student
    to rely on his or her own inferior Kung Fu.

It is not unknown for a master spirit to choose a living practitioner not of
this school to watch over and lend aid to in times of great need, usually
a blood relative, but not exclusively...

These fighters are to be feared for they have training in addition to skills from beyond the veil...