Which one of them has died?

I felt it happen,
I felt him die.
I felt a spectral machete cleave me here, here, and here.
So much older than the pantheon called to Savannah, dem bones was of an older set.

Mechanisms were in place and rituals preformed beneath an October moon.

I had asked about the Summit, and bones had said, “I need you out here… in reserve.”
I didn’t know what he was talking about,
but I knew what he was saying.
Always did.

After I felt the blows, I got myself in front of a terminal to read of the carnage
To gather information
To take up the yoke.
The cross…

I made the phone calls that I didn’t have to make
Each of us felt the dull but heavy blade do its work,
Setting each of us in motion to do ours.
Damocles loosed his grip.

Scattered like buckshot from a gun, the far flung mutants
packed bags, kissed loved ones, and started engines.
They boarded planes or drove through the night, smoking cigarettes
or chewing flavorless fuel.

In the area and believed dead, thefez would be gathering materials.
No one but the grim figures now converging on Savannah knew that
thefez had shed 3 other forms before this one, each more dexterous
and powerful than the last.

LordBrawl sits in jail, like a cow in a pen, awaiting the hammer fall.
Its not even as if bones would want vengeance, were he alive,
he might even thank brawl…
But Lord knows, If you raise the knife, the knife must fall.

"I created the game, I made the rules, there is no way I can be angry with you over this... none."

It was a mistake for you to ever believe that the gods user group
was named as just an ego stroke, but it was by design to mix mortals in,
for you see, gods can die…
but a god must create an elaborate trap for itself,
and someone must always pay..