The blue smoke rises from the ashen end…
it always does.
I look around these same fucking rooms
at these same fucking walls and try to find
a witty reason not to kill myself again.

I try it with the guitar,
with the drum,
I try with pen and paper,
paint and canvas,
pounding on the keyboard,
(dreams I can’t remember),
lies about the coming weather ,
the missing girl,
the northwest territory,
and peace.

You see…
I have no purpose,
no real worth.
meat bundled
a spine shot through with nerve.
A paycheck,
and thoughts

I think the day is long,
the night is longer.
I think love breeds pain
and food cures hunger.
Truth from the eyes,
and from the mouth


I wait for the phone to ring,
and cringe when it does.
I’m no Whitman
and I never was.