Men have raped women for as long as there has been men and women. For some reason there is a drive to take sex by force. Societies have risen and fell and yet this practice exists, therefore our society is not to blame for these phenomena. Our warlike behavior used to serve us by keeping us from rapidly depleting the resources of any one area. We suck, so we live in small groups and spread out, and somehow there is food and clean water enough for everyone! Perhaps violent, forceful sexual activity used to serve us by the whole “propagation of the speciesclaptrap.

But now, we have civilized for the most part, and people by and large want to be nice, and be treated nicely. Sadly our warlike and propagation drives still exist in the world population, but those drives are slowly being bred out in favor of an ideal of happiness. Though all men may have the potential to rape, not all men have this drive. I for instance, find no trace of this in my fantasies, or in my behavior. I would be incapable of achieving an erection in a situation where I was forcing myself on a woman because it just does not compute. If it is not mutual, it is not sexy.
In addition to this, the thought of rape makes me nauseous, and makes me sad to the very core of my being. Rape is so much worse than murder as it can NEVER be justified.


Not all men are like me and I am not like all men. I am a very kind man who would hurt no one lest they endeavor to hurt me or those I love, but this is not apparent by my physiognomy. I kinda look like a thug. and I have passed by key wielding women at night, I felt the fear and panic as they watched me without looking at me as they scuttle toward safety, and it hurt that someone would think me capable of such a horrific act based solely on my appearance or gender. BUT HEY! I am not the first to run into this sort of situation, nor will I be the last.

Despite the fact that I could take the title of this node as an insult, grunt and stomp and cuss as those do when victimized by an unfair generalization, and rightly so,


and if that is the case, then I can live with my injured sense of identity with the word “men” until the behavior of rape is as extinct as the dodo.