After six flights of ramshackle stairs, each more treacherous than the last,
thefez, unable to distinguish the room numbers on the doors,
puts a bruised shoulder into the first one he stumbles against.

Inside the room, some tryst was just bearing fruit, when without warning,
the door explodes inward with a shower of splinters. Something hit the floor,
and when it stood, it eclipsed the light streaming in from the hall… later,
tryst participant A, when asked to describe what he saw, could only stammer…
anger, shaped like a man.”

thefez barely registered the lovers hasty exit, indistinguishable from the countless
other phantoms and halos that swam in his newly augmented ocular field
and the screams? Something is always screaming in thefez’s head and
that’s why they chose him.

Settling down was first priority, so with all the grace of a monkey being shot from a tree,
thefez landed on the still damp bed. With a fluid motion he swept an arm across the
nightstand, sending all of it’s contents to the floor save the phone receiver.
“Front desk!” he thundered, “ this is Dr Benway…yes the super doctor…
I need supplies and I need them ten minutes ago…get a pen…

A cape-red.
some frosting-white
soy-ten pounds
two live chinchillas and PILLS goddamnit!
What the hell good is a doctor without pills?
I don’t care, the best ones your money can buy,
No shit, I never would have guessed…
OK, do it fast and thorough, and there’ll be a little something extra in it for ya.”

like the rest of your pathetic life he thought to him self.
poor kid, never get chinchillas this time of night,
then again…
this is Canada.