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Part 1: Initiate

I have no idea who I am

I don't have any idea where I stand here or what my say is, and thus don't know who that person is yet, either on my terms or e2's. What defines one is often the people, places, things etc. who are around us and each person has a unique interpretation of reality, including people, personalities, bots, ideas, etc... Half the time I think I'd rather not define myself as anything just yet. My ambivalence isn't just fear, it's a calculated tool.

This place is intimidating the first time around. You kind of float around for awhile as if you couldn't believe a place like this existed, you soft-link a bunch of things, (if you were me, which you might be, you would spend a day and a half just soft-linking to your giddy content), but when you realize you want to write something up, actually contirbute content this giant brick wall of fear opens up into your heart that can't ever possibly be surmounted and as such you juct cower in fear of the almighty gods of this virgin yet-to-be-spoiled glorious digital land. But then you get over your fears and write something, write anything, write up that candybar you ate yesterday, just write something, write anything.

Initiate is another word for fool