Just when I thought I could avoid all the senseless drama at this school.

My roomate is pretty much worthless. He sleeps all day and night, he does no work, and he has a serious thing with making girls hate him beyond all reason. Trouble is, after he's done all these stupid things...dating two girls two days in a row, standing up one girl for a different one, etc....he can't understand why they won't talk to him anymore.

On a side note, why is it some guys feel compelled to impress other guys and yet always pick something utterly unimpressive. If he came in one day and said:

"Hey man, I got a job today and I'm actually gonna go!"

that would impress me. Coming in and saying:

"Hey man, I just made out with that friend of yours that's down this week!"

does not. And the kicker? He didn't make out with her at all. He just picked one thing that would piss me off and tried to impress me with it.

I think I'd be happier rooming with a pack of wolves. Not even kidding.