Well, I've not been seen in these waters for about 6.2 months. It seems I grew weary of e2 for some time and now my mastery of the post syntax has faded. Regardless, here I go.

Observation: Daylogs have gotten pretty melodramatic. Don't think I'll play along to that and portray my day as some kind of vast, sweeping epic. I'm in college like thousands of other people all over the place, and the college is nothing special. I'm lazy, anti-social, and generally nondescript in pretty much every way save a penchant for biting sarcasm and my machine here which is, alas, nearing the replacement stage now.

I last wrote these things in high school, almost 2 years ago now. Things were a bit more exciting then, mostly in bad ways though. The wrong kind of excitement. My girlfriend now is, happily, crazy about me so no more of my whining and complaining about the complete unfairness of life.

Now I've got to figure out how to redirect node links again. Whee.